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Insight and Advice On Traveling During A Pandemic

Episode Description

Making the decision to travel by air during a pandemic can be stressful. You may be curious about the boarding process or interested in how airlines are handling food and beverage service onboard the airplane. What’s it like going through the security checkpoint or even customs? In this episode, your questions are answered by four different frequent flyers: a pilot, leisure traveler, international traveler, and airport employee. They provide you stories of their recent travel experiences in airports around the world while offering tips on how to prepare for your next flight. Listen to this episode so that when you’re ready to take to the skies, you know what to expect.

Guests in this Episode

In this episode, we chat with four different people that traveled recently through McGhee Tyson Airport.

Interview One: Matt is a pilot for a legacy carrier and has flown frequently during the pandemic both for work and leisure.

Interview Two: Brooke is a leisure traveler who flew from TYS to LGA in March. 

Interview Three: Jacob flew to Germany in July to surprise his family (pictured: Jacob departing Berlin-Tegel Airport).

Interview Four: Tom is an Airport Authority employee and an avid aviation enthusiast. He has flown frequently during the pandemic.

Mentioned in this Episode– Travel Tips to Implement During Your Next Flight:
  • Wear a mask!
  • Pack snacks.
  • Don’t crowd the boarding lanes.
  • Sanitize the frequently-touched areas on the aircraft. 
  • Board the plane last so you aren’t crowding others. 
  • Get a window seat for better air circulation. 
  • Turn on the overhead air vent for better air circulation. 
  • Choose a nonstop flight instead of one with connections.
Music in this Episode

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