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Newest Amenity at TYS: A Mamava Pod

Episode Description

Airports are always striving to offer amenities that will make a passenger’s travel experience more enjoyable and less stressful. McGhee Tyson Airport just opened a new airport amenity for East Tennessee travelers, but more specifically for traveling nursing mothers. This new amenity, a Mamava pod, offers a private area for mothers to breastfeed or pump while inside the airport terminal building. In this episode, we hear from a Mamava executive about the company’s history, their current products, and what ‘mamas’ can expect when utilizing this new airport feature. 

Guest in this Episode

Nicci Micco is the Vice President of Marketing for Mamava, the inventor of freestanding lactation pods and the (free) Mamava app, which helps moms find thousands of pumping and breastfeeding-friendly locations—never a bathroom!—on the go.

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