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Inside Aircraft Maintenance: The Intricacies of Keeping Commercial Aircraft Safe

Episode Description

Commercial airplanes are very similar to cars– not in size, but in the fact that they require routine maintenance and safety checks. In this episode, learn how Endeavor Air plans and performs routine and emergency maintenance on Delta’s Bombardier CRJ 200, 700, and 900 fleet. James McKinley, Base Manager for Endeavor Air at McGhee Tyson Airport, explains the detailed process they undertake to keep their aircraft flying safely. 

Guest in this Episode
  • James (Jay) McKinley is the Base Manager for Endeavor Air at McGhee Tyson Airport. He has been in the aircraft mechanic industry for 27 years.

Mentioned in this Episode

Did You Know: Airplanes are required to be inspected at least every three days, but in most cases, mechanical inspections happen daily. 

Music in this Episode

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