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I Don’t Want to be 600th in Line. Do You?

Episode Description

Moving through an airport’s security screening process shouldn’t be a task you’re dreading. It can be convenient and expedited without compromising the safety of the airport and its travelers. Hear from the Assistant Federal Security Director for TSA in East Tennessee, Eddie McGaha, as he spends time explaining the options you have to improve your checkpoint experiences and what to expect in the future.

Guest in this Episode
  • Eddie McGaha is the Assistant Federal Security Director for TSA in East Tennessee. He has been with the TSA since its inception in 2002.
Above: McGaha administering an Oath of Office for TSA new hires.
Mentioned in this Episode

TSA’s Mission: Protect the nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.
Photos of TSA at TYS

Music in this Episode

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