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Celebrities, Crews, and Construction: How the Airport Hilton Continues to Adapt with Aviation

Episode Description

An airport hotel means a night’s rest after a long trip. It is a place of privacy for a musician on tour. It is a place where multi-million dollar deals are made. It’s important for airport hotels to stay current and meet the needs of the traveling public. Listen in as Bryan Cable, Airport Hilton Manager, and Chris Soro, Principal at C2RL, discuss how the current expansion will help the Airport Hilton at TYS stay fresh and valuable to everyone who visits.  Along with discussing the future, our guests share some of their favorite memories, such as meeting celebrities staying at the hotel. Spoiler alert: we’re talking about Michael Jackson.   

Guests in this Episode
  • Bryan Cable, left, is the General Manager of the Airport Hilton.
  • Chris Soro, right, is the Principal of C2RL Engineering, Inc.

Mentioned in this Episode

Photos of Current Construction, April 2019
Music in this Episode

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