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Transporting Tigers, and Pandas, and Birds, Oh My!

Episode Description

When most people think of airports and air travel, they typically think of commercial airlines and people traveling for business or leisure. But have you ever thought about how endangered species get transported to zoos across the U.S. to accommodate their species survival plans? The answer: airplanes! In this episode, Zoo Knoxville’s President and CEO, Lisa New, discusses how the zoo relies heavily on air cargo to transport animals and its staff across the world. We also hear from Einstein, an African Gray parrot, (yes, you read that right) about his travels across the country.

Guests in this Episode
  • Lisa New (left) is the President and CEO of Zoo Knoxville.
  • Adam Patterson (right) is the Bird Show Lead Trainer at Zoo Knoxville and Einstein (also pictured) is Zoo Knoxville’s very talented African Gray parrot.

Mentioned in this Episode
“Delilah” was transported with Delta Cargo to Idaho Falls.
Courtesy of Airlines for America
Music in this Episode

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