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Special Edition: Airport Emergency Response Exercise

Episode Description

Every three years, the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority is required by the FAA to host a full-scale emergency exercise. On October 27, 2018, more than 20 local emergency response agencies and more than 100 volunteers worked together to simulate an aircraft incident and practiced the required response.

In this special episode, we speak with the airport’s Director of Public Safety, Tom Aiken, and Lieutenant Kelly Simerly about what it takes to successfully implement a mass emergency exercise and its importance to the airport and the traveling public.  We also interviewed volunteers and agencies about their role in the exercise and the reason they volunteer year-after-year.

Guests in this Episode
  • Tom Aiken, Director of Public Safety at the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority
  • Kelly Simerly, Lieutenant at the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority
  • Neal Reinhardt, Aviation Academy Alum
  • Hemal Tailor, Teacher at Webb School of Knoxville
  • Kristin Manuel, Disaster Program Manager at the Red Cross of East Tennessee

Mentioned in this Episode 
Music in this Episode

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